Monday, July 14, 2014

Flower Power Tag

Here, I have created a simple tag with some handmade flowers and brads. Flowers are one of the simplest and most versalite images that are depicted in greeting cards and tags. These flowers are so simple to make and are doable even if you don't have stamps, or stickers, or an artistic hand to draw your own flowers.

1. Find two circular objects (of slightly different diameters). Being a crafter, I used a glue stick for one circle, and a spool of thread for the other. Or, you can be really awesome and draw your own circles!

2. Trace your circles onto different papers (or the same - it doesn't matter!) and cut them out.

3. Take a pencil to the circles and pretend like your slicing a pizza with 8 slices.

4. Cut small slits at each of the pencil lines, but don't go all the way to the center because then you'll have 2-half flowers!

5. Erase your pencil marks, adhere the smaller circle atop the larger, and add a coordinating brad to the center. 

For the tag pictured above, I added a small piece of black cardstock to the back of the tag for extra depth and some bakers twine to attach to a gift. The flower stems were drawn on with black permanent pen.

Materials: White, black, magenta cardstock, patterned paper, permanent black ink, brads, bakers twine
Size: Approx 2" x 3.5"

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