Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dictionary Paper-Covered Tray Tutorial

Today, I have something just a little bit different. First of all, it's not a card! Awhile back, I said that I had covered a  (really ugly) tray with dictionary paper and now I am sharing it. Since this was done awhile back, I don't have any before pictures or any "along-the-way" pictures. I do have the finished product!

So to start out, the tray was orange! It is made from some kind of industrial fiber and then had a glossy glaze over the entire surface.

1. To start out my project, I tore a ton of dictionary paper into various small sizes (the smaller the pieces to use, the more you will need, and the longer this process takes).

2. After my paper was all ready, I mixed some inexpensive school glue with lots of water so that I would have a slightly sticky medium, but not so thick so that the paper wouldn't lay flat. It was really important to me to keep my surface flat so that I could easily carry drinks on this tray when completed.

3. I put my paper into the glue mixture in small batches and let it completely saturate the paper. Then, one piece at at time, I put it onto the tray. When I had covered the entire front with about one layer, I let it dry in the sun for an hour or more (you definitely don't want to rush the drying part, or you could get puckers if you keep layering wet stuff!) Then when dry, I did the same thing with the back. I did this process over and over again until I couldn't see any of the orange background. I think it was probably about 4-5 layers when all was said and done.

4. When I was satisfied with the coverage, it was time to finish it off. The glue/water mixture is great for keeping the paper in place, but doesn't protect the surface from moisture or wear very well. So I bought some glossy Mod Podge and coated the entire surface with 2-3 coats. I didn't want any liquid to be able to seep through and make the paper pucker.

Materials: Tray, dictionary paper, school glue, Mod Podge

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